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So You’re An Author: Here Are 3 Reasons You Need to Be On LinkedIn


If you’re a published author or aspiring to be one, you’re probably already aware of how important an online presence is to your personal success. Name an author from any genre and chances are you’ll see branding in action, with beautifully designed websites and Twitter followings to boot.

But did you know LinkedIn is one of the most valuable tools in your toolbox to establish your personal brand as an author, showcase your publications, and connect with key participants in the book industry?

Personal Branding 

We’ve talked a little about the importance of personal branding for authors here at ABPR, but the basics are worth repeating:

Having a professional headshot, a polished “About” section, and thoughtful social media accounts that contribute to your niche are all crucial to putting your best foot forward within the publishing industry!

Here’s the key: your LinkedIn should be a continuation of that. LinkedIn is a professional networking site before anything else, and that makes it even more important that your presence on the platform is cohesive. Use the same headshot across your accounts. Double and triple-check your “About” section (psst, make sure to call yourself an author; you earned it!). And link to your social media accounts so people can get a holistic sense of your brand: you! 

Show Off Those Publications!

Once you have the basics of your branding media on LinkedIn, it’s time to brag. LinkedIn is the perfect platform to showcase your portfolio, so go ahead and list those publications! Make sure to include your books and their release dates within your work history section. Links to writing samples and articles belong on your LinkedIn too. They can go under the “Featured Article section”. 

It’s a great idea to maximize your work by recycling it into LinkedIn posts. After all, you worked hard on them! Pull excerpts from longer content like interviews or articles and adapt them into easy to read, audience-ready blog posts. The result? You further establish your expertise while adding value to your industry’s online community. It’s a win-win! 

Get Connected

If you’ve used LinkedIn before, you know that the way to build your network is to connect with other people — literally! Connections are the building blocks for community on the network, and community is one of the most valuable assets you can tap into as an author on LinkedIn.

By connecting with people you know, either through work, writing groups, literary events, etc, you are plugging into a real-world community that spans zones and geographical regions (thank goodness for the internet!). 

LinkedIn groups are another great way to grow your network with like-minded people, but regardless of how you choose to connect, you’ll be able to validate your authenticity online and interact with key players in the publishing industry.

The literary side of LinkedIn isn’t only occupied by bookworms and novel aficionados. Critics, editors, and literary agents are also all active on platform, as are the larger entities of bookstores and publishing houses. Consider LinkedIn a one-stop shop for industry resources and as the first step of whatever’s next on your publishing journey.

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